Stevia leaves | microfine ground

Green finely ground leaf powder of the Stevia rebaudiana plant.

Ground leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant without additives!

This Stevia powder is made from the dried and ground leaves of the Stevia plant. The ground Stevia leaves are suitable for sweetening muesli, smoothies, dips, sauces and more.  Stevia leaves are naturally very sweet and balanced in taste. They are organic (conventional), gluten-free, raw, vegan, with no added sugar and a natural sweetener. They are also used to produce Stevia extracts and Stevia liquid extracts.

The use of ground Stevia leaves

The ground Stevia leaves are also used in the field of cosmetics.

Stevia powder is often used in skin cosmetics for creams, in dental cosmetics for toothpaste and mouthwash because of its positive natural properties.

The low-calorie ingredients of the Stevia rebaudiana plant contain all secondary plant substances. The dried leaves we offer, also called sweet herb or sweet leaf, have many valuable ingredients.

They are used as a natural sweetener and as a flavouring ingredient in tea drinks and tea blends. The recommended amount is approx. 3 - 5 %. Stevia leaves have 30 to 40 times the sweetening power of sugar and are often used in herbal tea, black tea and traditional mate tea.

It should be noted that dried Stevia leaves are not water-soluble and are lighter than water. Therefore, they float in liquids and should be used in a tea bag or tea strainer together with the tea leaves.

In Latin America, they are also used as a medicinal plant. The natural product is from residue-controlled cultivation in Spain or Paraguay, the home country of the Stevia plant. The first selection is of particularly high quality. The Stevia leaves are a pure natural product, are gently dried and are free of additives.

You can get the Stevia leaves in different variations, whole, cut or ground.

Stevia leaves are a sweet natural product that originally come from Paraguay. Today, Stevia leaves are grown and cultivated worldwide. They are often cultivated by small farmers' cooperatives, gently harvested and dried.

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