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Enjoy sugar-free with stevia

100% pure stevia - without additives!

Discover the pure Stevia extract , the natural and calorie-free alternative to sugar.

The stevia extract (also called stevioside, steviol glycosides, rebaudioside-A) is a sweetener of natural origin from the stevia plant . Approval was granted in the EU in 2011 and the purity of the steviol glycosides must be at least 95%. Rebaudioside-A is particularly valued for sucrose (table sugar) because of its good taste and high sweetening factor up to 450.

The enormous price and quality difference is due to the many differently processed qualities of steviol glycosides. The lower the rebaudioside-A (REB-A) content, the more bitter or liquorice-like it tastes. For this reason, we only offer our customers Rebaudiosid-A (REB-A) with a share of 60% to 98% without other additives.

These very high-quality sweeteners are obtained from the best raw materials, it is a white extract of the stevia plant with a pleasantly sweet taste. Without a bitter aftertaste or aftertaste, water-soluble and heat-resistant up to 200 ° C and thus universally usable in the kitchen for cooking and baking. Ideal for sweet desserts, yogurt, muesli, fruit, quark dishes, smoothies or cold and hot drinks.

The high yield of the pure stevia extract makes it an ideal sugar substitute for diabetics and health-conscious people who want to avoid sugar. It can also be a good companion during a diet or weight loss his.

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